So much more goes into the selection of a university than just basketball. Here is a list of benefits that our athletes will receive for participating in the HBL.


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  • Earn a salary (approximately $50,000-150,000 per season).ª

  • Participate in workshops and seminars on topics such as: financial literacy, insurance policies, and more.

  • The opportunity to sign individual endorsement agreements and to monetize social media accounts while playing college athletics.

  • Group licensing opportunities through the HBL and its corporate partners.ª



  • Receive a five-year scholarship (need-based, academic, and athletic-style scholarships will be available).

  • With the HBL games being played in the summer, the athletes will not miss class for weeks at a time (which puts them at an academic disadvantage in comparison to their non-athlete peers).

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  • The ability to sign with an agent without jeopardizing eligibility.

  • Visibility with professional scouts and fans through the HBL streaming/broadcast agreement and the HBL app.

  • Cutting edge, high performance training and nutritional programming.

  • Better preparation for the NBA by playing NBA-style rules (four 12-minute quarters, NBA three-point line, 24-second shot clock, etc.).

  • Opportunity to participate in the HBL’s annual Winter International All-Star Tour, which will allow our players to play in Europe and Asia.

  • Opportunity to participate in the Preseason Combine and Tournament, to be played in the Caribbean.