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The Historical Basketball League

The First College Basketball League To Compensate
And Educate Its Players Based On Their Market Value



There is a staggering injustice in college sports

College basketball players are the heart of the college game and deserve a fair share of the revenues they generate. Before the HBL, they were excluded from those financial benefits while everyone around them received significant compensation.

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a better opportunity – we compensate & educate

The HBL aims to change the landscape of collegiate athletics by disrupting the amateurism model and offering a legitimately superior alternative. We aim to improve the economic outlook of our athletes, the majority of whom will likely be minorities and/or come from a low socioeconomic background.

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We’re shifting the paradigm

Over 50% of college basketball players in the Power 5 Conferences come from low socioeconomic backgrounds. The HBL enables our athletes to directly benefit from their talent and labor and create greater economic freedom and comfort for the players and their families.


We’re giving athletes

a fair shot

98% of men's college basketball players do not reach the NBA. The HBL will encourage its athletes to make the most of the professional and academic opportunities on and off the court.


We’re building individual brands

The HBL will treat each individual athlete as a single-member LLC – in other words, we will assist them in building a personal and professional brand that will extend on and off the court, so that each can "build their business" without waiting for a mythical payday that may never come.



The HBL took another step towards its launch by announcing the list of prospective cities for its inaugural teams.