The NCAA Is Losing Its Fight To Keep Exploiting College Athletes

APRIL 6, 2019

That means the most imminent and dangerous threat facing the NCAA today could come not from regulators or lawmakers but from the free market itself ― in the form of another league or organization that tries to beat the NCAA at its own game. [continue reading]

David West Questions Everything—and His Sport and America Are Better for It

The Daily beast
March 27, 2019

It was either David West’s first or second season in professional basketball, but he can’t quite pin it down. No matter. The off-court moment will remain with him for the rest of his life. [continue reading]

Summer hoops league to offer a paid alternative to NCAA in 2020, two-time NBA champion David West says

March 15, 2019

Top young basketball players will soon have a choice of whether to take their talents to college hoops or to an alternate paid summer league while continuing to pursue their education, retired NBA champion David West told CNBC on Friday. [continue reading]

why this former nba champion wants to pay college basketball players

wall street journal
february 25, 2019

As a star basketball player at Xavier University in the early 2000s, David West never questioned the NCAA’s amateurism model. Then he got to the NBA… [continue reading]

Overtime: Paying players, challenging the NCAA

woio cleveland 19 action news
march 1, 2019

A new basketball league in Cleveland, is promising to pay its players, award scholarships and hopefully challenge the NCAA. [watch here]

This could be Historic: HoopsHD interviews Historical Basketball League CEO/Co-Founder Ricky Volante

hoops hd
by: jon teitel

I do not know if anyone can save this sport but one man who wants to offer other options is Ricky Volante, CEO/Co-Founder of the Historical Basketball League. [continue reading]

With time ticking on 2020 goal, Cleveland-based HBL faces its biggest challenge: Recruiting top prospects

Crain’s cleveland business
by: kevin kleps

Cleveland attorney Ricky Volante and Bay Area antitrust economist Andy Schwarz knew there would be a ton of skepticism regarding their decision to start a basketball league that would compete with the NCAA for top high school recruits. [continue reading]

david west looks to start a new college basketball league paying players

sports illustrated
by: khadrice rollins

Former NBA player David West is looking to start a basketball league to rival the NCAA. [continue reading]

Ex-Warrior David West’s next goal: Start a college league that pays players

San Francisco chronicle
by: connor letourneau

In August 2018, when David West announced his retirement from the NBA, Warriors head coach Steve Kerr voiced confidence that West would be successful in whatever post-playing career he chose. [continue reading]

David West is trying to start a paid college basketball league

sb nation: golden state of mind
by: brady klopfer

Former Golden State Warriors big man David West retired at the conclusion of last season, but he’s staying near basketball. And the two-time All-Star’s latest project might be even more impressive than anything he did on the court - and he did some impressive things on the court. [continue reading]

David West discusses role of Historical Basketball League chief operating officer

cincinnati enquirer
by: dave clark

Former Xavier University basketball standout David West - who will serve as the chief operating officer of the Historical Basketball League - says in a feature by's Brian Costa about West's role with the new league that the goal is to recruit top high school players for a summer season that would begin in 2020 and bring "what's going on under the table above the table." [continue reading]

HBL CEO Ricky volante & COO David West join mark moyer

Make your mark podcast
February 21, 2019

HBL CEO Ricky volante joins More sports & Les levine

More sports & les levine
january 16, 2019

The Official McCoy Podcast - Jelani McCoy w/ Ricky Volante + David West

The Official McCoy podcast
By: jelani mccoy

Jelani welcomes HBL CEO Ricky Volante to discuss everything that the HBL is trying to accomplish. Also, HBL COO David West talks about his first venture after retirement and how this league stacks up to the NCAA. [listen here]

SI Now Friday December 21, 2018

sports illustrated
By: si now

Guests: Lennox Lewis, David West and Jonathan Jones. David West on the HBL at 16:26. [listen here]

At Large with Alex Wong

The SCore
By: alex wong

Ricky Volante, CEO of the HBL, and David West, COO, join the podcast to talk about why they’re part of a project to give incoming college players an alternative to playing in the NCAA. [listen here]

4 SZNS NBA Podcast #88 Champion edition

By: zak noble

Joined by 2x NBA and HBL COO Champion David West and CEO Ricky Volante to discuss disrupting college basketball and David’s career. [listen here…]

the right time with bomani jones: David west

espn radio

Bomani is joined by 2x NBA champion with the Warriors and COO of the brand new "Historic Basketball League" David West. [listen here]

Startup basketball league based in Cleveland says it can compete with the NCAA

Crain’s cleveland business journal
By: kevin kleps

In 18 months, the Historical Basketball League plans to launch with games in 12 cities. [continue reading]

Interview w/Ricky Volante: Historical Basketball League Plans to Disrupt NCAA

the unafraid show
By: kassandra ramsey

Should college athletes be paid? The Historical Basketball League says yes. The HBL is a start-up basketball league that plans to disrupt the NCAA’s current economic model. [continue reading]

Cleveland-based Historical Basketball League hires David West, will pay college players up to $150K

Crain’s cleveland business journal
By: kevin kleps

A Cleveland-based basketball league that aims to turn the NCAA model on its proverbial head has added a two-time NBA All-Star to its list of top executives. [continue reading]

Ohio Lawyer May/June 2018

Beyond the Courtroom - Ricky Volante and the Historical Basketball League
By: Zoe Legato

This could be what finally ends the charade of amateurism... [continue reading] (Pages 18-20 online version)



HBL Statement on Alston Decision from CEO Ricky Volante

MArch 9, 2019

The HBL management team are experts in the business of sports and the legal issues surrounding compensation of college athletes. We have seen this story play out before: a court ruling chastises the NCAA, but the decision lacks teeth to meaningfully provide justice to college athletes. Equity for college athletes will not come from a court decision, and will certainly not come from the NCAA suddenly deciding to do the right thing. This is exactly why we founded the Historical Basketball League. [continue reading]


Paying College Athletes Will Not Ruin College Sports

MArch 6, 2019

In a recent opinion piece for the New York Times, Cody McDavis trotted out a series of stale and mostly discredited arguments against antitrust remedies proposed by the plaintiffs in the Alston v. NCAA case. He argued the proposed remedies would lead to the death of college sports. His lead thesis claims that unravelling the pay caps imposed by the NCAA would “distort the economics of college sports.” McDavis has confused cause with effect, poison with cure. [continue reading]



November 18, 2018


The Historical Basketball League (HBL) is the first college basketball league to compensate and educate its players based on their market value. [continue reading]


The HBL and McGowan PAE Finalize Partnership

March 27, 2018

The Historical Basketball League (HBL) announced a partnership with McGowan PAE (Professional Athletes & Entertainers), a division of The McGowan Companies. [continue reading]

The HBL Elite 25 – Class of 2019

February 1, 2018

The Historical Basketball League released the HBL Elite 25 High School Basketball Players for the Class of 2019. The list is now available thanks to Gerald Cannon of Ballers Bridge! The list can be found here.